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The Sauget Business Park was established in the early 1990’s and has experienced tremendous growth, with access to much needed infrastructure and economic development incentives to our tenants.  Park tenants consist of light manufacturing, logistics, office/warehouse, aviation and healthcare facilities.  The Park is a competitive site selection choice, in a very tough economic climate.  With the assistance of St. Clair County Government and our own development tools, we provide competitive packages for prospects and tenants. 

Located five minutes from downtown St. Louis, the Sauget Business Park is a seven hundred (700) acre park nestled between Rt. 3 and I-255 Interstate.  The Park provides access to the Mississippi River, "Class 1" railroads, Illinois Interstate 55/70 and the St. Louis Downtown Airport

The Sauget Business Park boasts two development areas, Light Manufacturing and the Stadium Office ComplexLight Manufacturing operations stretch from Gooselake west to the Norfolk Railroad tracks, highways, and Interstate-40.  The tilt up concrete buildings in the park house logistics, manufacturing, aviation and fabrication facilities.  The Park’s first tenant construction, Gasket and Seal, was completed in 1991. The Stadium Office Complex is located next to GCS Ballpark, and is comprised of office and healthcare facilities.

Sauget Business Park provides utility access to all development parcels, incentive programs and an established business atmosphere as a choice location for your next expansion or new opportunity. The Sauget Business Park looks forward to hleping you make the "Smart Move".


*Yellow denotes sold property

* Blue denotes water features